The Race Begins

The Race Begins

You live in a rich country (98% likely that I’m right). You have access to the internet (clearly). You own many things (I will bet money on this). And your right to ownership is protected by a government that does not demand forced labor from you (depends on what you think of the government…). As far as all of history and the majority of the human population throughout time is concerned, you are living the dream. Congratulations!

So why aren’t you happy, huh?

Why aren’t you out there fulfilling your dreams and scaling Maslow’s pyramid to Self-Actualization like a mountaineering master of human psychology? It could be that you suck, but that’s not what the Turbo Turtle thinks, no not at all. This adorable reptile thinks you are an impressively capable person with a very specific set of skills and I would say that it’s not you. It’s that we’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Today’s culture, the one we’re steeped in, has a lot to say, and is saying it all the time, and most of it is about as worthwhile as the sweet, crisp leaves of lettuce that pass through my digestive tract to become well… something else, something more…

Are we really falling for the old “once you have enough stuff you’ll be happy” trick? Yup!

Some of us have even managed to convince ourselves that replacing “stuff” with “experiences” actually changes the formula. (Nice try buddy!)

Other’s have tackled the problem with minimalism, you know, less stuff. Let me tell you, minimalism lives close to the the heart of this turtle (heck, I wear my home on my back!) but having “just the right amount of stuff” is not the whole answer either. (Nice try other buddy!)

These days we can’t seem to decide if we want to hop into our VW vans on the road to Hippy Bliss or put on our climbing gloves to scale the corporate ladder to Alpha status. We’ve ended up in some hellish In-Between with no clear idea of which direction to look.

We’re getting dragged into various traps: dumb purchases, contentless dramas, ultimately empty TV shows, unbearably expensive secondary educations, lucratively boring careers, uncertain health diets, embarrassing surgeries, insanity mortgages (“mortgage” literally means “death pledge” in French. I mean, come on!)*, get-rich-quick schemes, death cults, self-help books, and other abominable practices under the guise of “conventional wisdom,” and it’s destroying us from the inside out. We are rich, we can complete various critical tasks in a fraction of the time we could a century ago, and we have advanced technology and incredible medical capabilities, yet we have no idea what to do with our lives. Woo! Looks like we prioritized well…

Well there you go, that’s what we’re talking about here, what nobody else out there is talking about, or if they are they are doing it in such a way as to make it Totally No Fun.

But all you have to do is stick with me and soon we will be on the Path to Happiness, cruising with slow and deliberate steps towards Joyful Living, plodding and plotting our way to A Wonderful Time together.

Stick around.




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