How Do You Feel About This?

How Do You Feel About This?

Stop following your desires.

No really. Stop.

The fact that a simple google search for “follow your…” delivers an infinite Portfolio of Bad Ideas Superimposed Over Landscapes should leave us in Deep Mourning for the state of the world.

What? You don’t agree?

There is a prevailing wind directing us into the Cliffs of Insanity (no, not the awesome ones that Andre the Giant climbs in Princess Bride) and that wind is called the “Just follow your heart/feelings/instincts/gut” movement. You can identify those whose sails are set to catch these winds when you hear something like, “If it feels right, go for it.”. Or “Well, how do you feel about him/her?” Or anything that boils down to: What sort of physiological response is your body having right now?

Think about it. Are you and your feelings really an infallible guide that has led you to only happiness and joy? If you are like every other human in the world, you will acknowledge that your feels have led you into mistakes and missteps that have caused more problems then they have solved. So why do we keep encouraging each other to follow them!?

We have to put a stop to this before we start believing crazy things like the idea that comfort is the same thing as happiness or that it’s not butter. We have emotions, sure we do. But we also have an intellect and the ability to use it. We have Smarts and here at Turbo Turtle we aim to use them to actually Get Somewhere instead of following our feelings into the Death Spiral of Death that can only end in sadness or, even worse, apathy.

Now, if you’re like 82% (made-up number alert!) of the world you don’t yet have the philosophical resources yet to determine exactly what you should follow if you aren’t following your feelings. Or at least you don’t yet have the framework to apply your Dazzling Intellect to. This can be a scary moment of Limbo. That’s OK though, oftentimes Limbo means that you’re Moving Forward.

Even better, you have Turbo Turtle to guide you through this turbulent time.

Let’s not get too deep too fast, but the issue we’re running into right now is the unconscious subscription to moral relativity that is leaving us bereft of any decision making apparatus beyond our fickle feelings. For now, though, you just need to remember, the next time you’re making a decision, not to leave it to your feelings. Sure, give them a minute to voice their opinion, but then you get to take charge. Make the decision that best suits you, not your feelings.

P.S. You are now striking “Follow your heart/feelings/instincts/gut” from your advice-giving vocabulary it’s not appropriate for your speedy perception and deliberately slow consideration of any of your friend’s or family’s situation.

Enjoy freedom from feelings!



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